Posted: 20.03.2023 16:03:00

Political expert called the fugitives international criminals

The ardent opponents of the Belarusian authorities who are abroad are not the opposition, but criminals and scoundrels, because they call not only for the economic strangulation of the country, but also for a direct military clash between the armed forces of other states and the Belarusian Armed Forces – as noted by political scientist Vadim Borovik in his talk with Alfa Radio

The European Parliament called on the EU to expand sanctions against Minsk and help opponents of the Belarusian authorities. Commenting on this news, Vadim Borovik noted that the fugitives who seek to destabilise the situation in Belarus are not the opposition; they are criminals and scoundrels.

“We heard from them calls to carry out military aggression against our country. It was repeatedly broadcast and quoted that they, in principle, would welcome strikes on some infrastructure facilities. Not all of them said it, but none of them condemned what anyone else said. They are also calling for economic sanctions... Whose pocket are you getting into? However, this clique working against Belarus does not solve anything. The West only keeps them in case, in order to try to bring them to power as puppets at a certain moment. They are still under full control. Although they, of course, are trying to fill their worth. Why did they immediately begin to disavow the position of Minsk that we invited those who had come to their senses to return? So that they have someone to put around the New Year tree. After all, probably half of those who now attend their meetings are Lithuanians or Poles.”

“These people openly call for bombing, robbing Belarus, they are in favour of the use of force in terms of the use of the armed forces of other states. Therefore, these are international criminals and terrorists,” summed up the speaker.