Posted: 26.05.2022 14:06:00

Polish services incite foreigners to attack Belarusian border guards

Polish security forces tried to illegally send several foreigners to Belarus at night. Strobe lights were used from the side of Poland to blind the Belarusian law enforcement officers who arrived to suppress the attempted breakthrough – as posted in the Telegram channel of the State Border Committee of Belarus.

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The incident happened a few days ago. Due to the fact that the foreigners ousted from the Polish side resisted using stones, sticks and pepper spray, physical force was used during the detention.

All detainees were sent to the border service unit for investigation. In the course of further activities, the foreigners reported that the Polish security forces took them to the Belarusian border, gave them sticks and pepper spray, instructing them how to use these against Belarusian military personnel.

“The actions of the Polish side directly indicate the deliberate creation of a provocative situation in order to discredit the actions of the Belarusian military personnel,” stressed the State Border Committee of Belarus.