Posted: 08.01.2024 13:38:00

Polish security forces expelled two refugees into Belarus, one of them died

Polish security forces brutally beat two refugees: citizens of Yemen and Syria. They took mens' belongings and money and forced them out to Belarus through an animal gate, with details of the incident reported by the State Border Committee of Belarus in its Telegram channel

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Video by Belarus’ State Border Committee

On January 6th, Belarusian border guards discovered two men – citizens of Yemen and Syria – near the Polish fence. Both foreigners were exhausted and were in need of medical aid, with one of them being unconscious. The Syrian said that they were detained and then severely beaten by the Polish military. The security forces struck him in the legs and head. The foreigners asked for mercy, but the military took their belongings, money and brought the men to the border with Belarus.

The refugees were thrown into our territory through an animal gate, after which the Yemeni citizen began to feel worse. The man practically could not move on his own, and his friend had to carry him.

Belarusian border guards immediately called an ambulance, but doctors pronounced the foreigner dead. The second man was provided with necessary medical care.

To establish the circumstances of the death of a Yemeni citizen, an investigative team arrived at the scene.

The State Border Committee noted that death, torture and violence have become synonymous with Polish migration policy, which since 2021 has already led to the death of 22 foreigners.