Posted: 29.12.2023 16:22:00

Polish security forces dragged dead refugee to Belarus through animal gate

On December 28th, Brest border guards discovered dead body of a refugee on the border with Poland. The body of a foreigner with numerous bruises was found a few metres from the Polish border fence – as reported by the State Border Committee of Belarus in its Telegram channel

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Video by Belarus’ State Border Committee

As the Belarusian border department noted, traces at the scene indicate that the refugee’s body was most likely moved from the adjacent territory through the animal gate in the fence.

To establish the circumstances of the incident, an investigative team from the Pruzhany District Internal Affairs Department worked on the spot.

The State Border Committee stressed that European services continue to pursue a deadly policy towards refugees on the border with Belarus. The practice of throwing foreigners in a dying state or already dead into Belarusian territory is openly used by neighbouring countries.

Since early 2023, the military from the neighbouring European states have killed 28 refugees, 11 of them died at the hands of Polish security forces.