Posted: 23.06.2022 16:29:00

Poles start to understand the result of US presence on their territory, expert says

Americans are delivering all sort of weapons to borders of different countries, and some of them are extremely dangerous for local population – as noted by political expert Aleksei Dzermant in his talk with Alfa Radio

A strange incident was recorded near the Drava military training ground in Poland: a dead wild animal with signs of radioactive or chemical poisoning was found. Radio Szczecin investigated the case, suggesting that it could be about radioactive weapons used by the United States.

“Ammunition with radioactive elements was used by the United States at different times in various conflicts, and there is nothing surprising in this," Mr. Dzermant said.

In his opinion, Poland’s citizens are already beginning realise what the US presence on their territory is entailing. “Americans are delivering a variety of weapons to borders with different countries, including those that are extremely dangerous for local population – not to mention biolabs. It is worth noting that US allies may also suffer from this,” the expert explained.

Mr. Dzermant commented on the Belarusian President’s words about development of the biological direction in the country, “Belarus plans to develop biotechnologies for peaceful purposes, and we aim to use them in agriculture. However, if we see that suspicious experiments are taking place nearby, then our country needs specialists who understand this.”