Posted: 26.05.2022 11:44:00

Poland proposed to introduce duty for countries importing oil from Russia

Poland is demanding an additional duty for states that have not stopped importing oil from Russia – as stated by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, RIA Novosti reports


He explained that the relevant negotiations are currently underway at the EU level, “We are negotiating at the level of the European Union in order to agree on the next package, which also contains issues related to oil,” said Mr. Morawiecki.

The politician acknowledged that some countries oppose the embargo because of the problem with the ‘quick retreat’ from Russian oil.

“Quick means within the next six months, e.g., before the end of this year or even within twelve months,” he concluded.

It is noted that in this list he included states that do not have access to the sea and access to transhipment bases: Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. According to the Polish PM, these countries are seeking longer transition periods.

As a result, he proposed to introduce a special equalisation payment.

“If some country takes longer to import oil from Russia, and it imports it cheaper, then it cannot benefit from those countries, those entrepreneurs who give up oil earlier,” underlined the official.