Posted: 27.03.2023 09:27:00

Poland has built 100km+ of barriers on border with Russia

The Polish army has built more than 100km of barbed wire on the border with the Kaliningrad Region of Russia. Thus, more than half of the land border with this region has already been enclosed, RIA Novosti reports.

It is noted that the construction of a barbed wire fence is currently ongoing in most areas under the jurisdiction of individual outposts of the Polish Border Guard. So, in total, 107km of this barrier have already been built.

Thus, more than half of the land border with the Kaliningrad Region, which is almost 200km long, has already been surrounded by barbed wire.

The Polish military have been building a fence on the border with Russia since the beginning of November 2022. It will consist of three rows of barbed wire 2.5m high and 3m wide each.

In the first half of April, as reported by the Polish Border Guard, the work on the construction of an electronic fence should begin on the same border. It will be a system of sensors and cameras enabling to monitor the border around the clock, regardless of weather conditions, without the need to be on the border line.