Posted: 26.09.2023 15:00:00

Poland confirmed rocket that fell on its territory last November was fired by Ukraine

Polish investigators in the circumstances of the fall of a rocket on the territory of the country on November 15th, 2022 have confirmed that it was fired by Ukraine, TASS reports with reference to Rzeczpospolita’s sources


According to the publication, the Ukrainian side does not co-operate with the Polish investigation and does not provide any materials. Nevertheless, Poland has established the causes of the incident that claimed the lives of two farmers. As Rzeczpospolita reported, the conclusions are categorical and exclude the possibility of launching that missile from the territory of the Russian Federation. "That was a Ukrainian air defence missile which exploded in Przewodow and killed two people," the newspaper quotes the opinion of Polish experts from the prosecutor's office.

"The conclusions have been received, but given their classified nature, we do not report their contents," Lukasz Lapczynski, the spokesman for the Polish prosecutor’s office, said. "At this stage, the investigative actions on the Polish territory have finished. We have sent a request for legal assistance to Ukraine and are waiting for a response.”

Earlier, the Polish media reported that a S-300 missile fell in Poland. "Its range varies from 75 to 90km. At that moment, the Russian positions were in a place from where no Russian missile could reach Przewodow," the investigators are convinced.

On November 15th, 2022, a rocket fell in Polish Przewodow, killing two people. President Andrzej Duda said that the ammunition belonged to the Ukrainian air defence forces, but that version was denied in Kiev. In Warsaw, the situation was considered an accident. The US Department of State said the US administration was fully confident in the accuracy of the conclusions of the Polish authorities.