Posted: 11.08.2022 13:25:00

PM: Belarus will respond to Baltic States’ seizure of its property

As stated by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko after a meeting with the President on creation of port facilities for exports of Belarusian products, the work will be primarily legal


“Thirty percent of shares of the terminal – currently blocked in Klaipeda – belong to Belaruskali. We have already launched claim-related work. We are actually prevented from realising our commercial interests. Therefore, retaliatory measures are being prepared, everything will be in a civilised way. All the property of legal entities and individuals from the unfriendly states in the Republic of Belarus is known and assessed. I would like to repeat once again: we do not want any aggressive actions. We are determined – and we proclaim this from all platforms – that we want to build civilised trade and economic relations. However, if aggressive economic actions are used against us, then we will definitely not be silent. These will be at least mirror solutions – though, until the last, we will continue appealing to the voice of reason, if someone hears it,” Mr. Golovchenko stressed.