Posted: 10.05.2022 10:37:00

Playing with fire: Biden’s lies about Russia exposed in China

US President Joe Biden is deceiving Americans by blaming the Russian Federation for the difficult economic situation in the United States – as stated by Wen Sheng, an analyst with the Chinese newspaper Global Times, RIA Novosti reports

The author of the publication recalled that in early 2021, the Head of the White House asked the Senate to pass his controversial $1.9 trillion fiscal stimulus plan. A number of renowned economists warned that such a decision could provoke inflation but those who disagreed with the government’s course were rejected, heckled down, and even ridiculed.

Prices rose significantly in July and August, and experts’ forecasts came true. The American leader urged not to worry and called the rise in the cost of food in the US ‘transitory’.

“Inflation is now the number one kitchen table topic across the US after hitting highs not seen in over four decades, with the Biden administration quickly spinning a new narrative, blaming Russia for the runaway prices. Last week, the US stock market crashed after the interest rates raise by the Federal Reserve to contain inflation. Will Biden continue to blame the stock market rout and inflation on Russia? Let’s wait and see,” Sheng wrote.

According to the expert, the American leadership should carefully think about its economic policy and stop concocting false narratives or engaging in disinformation to deceive American voters.