Posted: 28.09.2021 09:13:00

Places of power

On October 24th, Belarusian agricultural estates will open their doors for all – as reported by Irina Voronovich, the Director of the Tourism Department at the Ministry of Sports and Tourism 

The official noted that agro-tourism is gaining leadership in conditions of the pandemic. Homesteads are now viewed not only as places to stay for a while: here, the spiritual life and national traditions are coming to the fore.

“In summer, agricultural estates enjoy popularity among our citizens. However, those who fail to relax there earlier or have their vacation in autumn or winter still have a chance: on October 24th, an open door day will be organised at some Belarusian farmsteads. Visitors can go there free of charge and learn of the possibilities for recreation in cold season,” Ms. Voronovich explained.

In turn, Valeria Klitsounova, the Chair of Country Escape Public Association, added that not all estates will participate in the campaign, though the choice will be wide. Their list will be later posted on the organisation’s website.

“Some are already preparing special programmes, while others plan to welcome guests for an excursion only. However, tea will be offered by all – so guests will feel warm,” smiles Ms. Klitsounova. “Previously, we organised such campaigns in May but, this year, there’s been a huge demand for rural recreation. With this in view, we decided to attract people during the off-season.”