Posted: 25.10.2021 16:43:00

Petrishenko: collective effort to help resist COVID-19

An infectious diseases facility has been launched in Luninets and Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko, was among those present at the opening ceremony

“Functioning of our healthcare system and all its departments, as well as co-ordinated work of our doctors demonstrate that we withstand this challenge: COVID-19. However, we can resist it only on uniting efforts, through work of all whom it concerns. The most important step which doctors ask us to make is to get vaccinated and – in case of a disease – to have it in a mild form,” Mr. Petrishenko addressed all those present.

The district was among the first to be affected by the first coronavirus wave and it then became obvious that Luninets needs a modern infectious diseases facility. At that time, doctors were saving people, accumulating all their efforts and financial resources. Thanks to the local authorities, with the assistance of the Healthcare Ministry, it was decided to transfer the infectious diseases department of the local hospital to a new building. The facility then received funding from the Republican budget to overcome the Chernobyl disaster.

Construction works began at the end of May and, in late October, the facility will welcome its first patients.

Svetlana Khlebus, the Chief Doctor of the Luninets Central Hospital, explained, “Previously, the building hosted a therapeutic department but it moved to a new hospital once it was built. There are 25 beds available now but, if necessary, we can treat up to 70 patients. The facility is equipped with oxygen points and two mechanical ventilators.”

At the moment, a decrease in primary acute respiratory viral infection cases is registered in Luninets and this gives doctors hope that the incidence of coronavirus disease has passed its peak. Importantly, elective care has not stopped here.