Posted: 29.11.2023 10:28:00

Peskov said NATO was established to contain Russia

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that NATO views the Russian Federation as an enemy and was established as a tool of confrontation and containment of the country, and the organisation has not yet abandoned these plans so far, RIA Novosti reports


Dmitry Peskov noted that NATO considers Russia an adversary. According to him, the organisation was created as a tool of confrontation and restraining the Russian Federation.

“Therefore, no matter what is invented there, no matter what statements are made, the main purpose of the alliance, as we see it, is exactly that. Naturally, NATO is analysing the situation and sees the real state of affairs. For now, the alliance has not abandoned its plans to contain Russia and, in fact, to use the Ukrainian people as a sacrificial lamb in the fight against Russia,” said Dmitry Peskov.

He also noted that the Kremlin understands the situation perfectly well and is building its further policy precisely in accordance with these realities.