Posted: 29.10.2023 12:42:00

Pertsov on firewood chopping championship: uniting and spending this day in a sporting manner

The firewood chopping championship among journalists is an opportunity to spend this day in a sporting manner and to unite, Belarus’ Information Minister Vladimir Pertsov told the media, BelTA reports

“Not only journalists, but also bloggers and activists from all regions of Belarus came to give last year’s initiative a special scope. You see how many participants there are here. This is only the second championship, and there is a unique combination of business and pleasure. This is both a sport and an opportunity to be in the fresh air in such beautiful weather, which we really miss,” said Vladimir Pertsov.

The Minister noted that physical labour is very useful. “Last year, we helped our Baltic friends – the brotherly Latvian and Lithuanian peoples – taking some firewood to the border. They took it, and I’m sure that our holiday made someone feel warmer,” the official underlined.

“I’m convinced that today many of us will learn some useful skills, spend this day in a sportsmanlike manner and unite. After all, no one cancelled team building,” added Vladimir Pertsov.

The firewood chopping championship among journalists is taking place on the territory of the Vyacha reservoir in the Minsk Region, bringing together over 200 participants. Thirty-five teams are demonstrating their skills in chopping wood. All championship participants prepared thoroughly and the event promises to be hot and exciting.

The competition programme includes chopping wood among men and women and chopping logs among men. This year a new competition has been added: chopping wood in a Presidential style. Moreover, new stages have appeared in the relay race, with winners being determined in team and individual competitions.