Posted: 14.05.2022 15:52:00

People who harm Belarus to bear responsibility, irrespective of their location

Belarus legally substantiates protection of its national interests and security – as noted by political expert Aleksei Dzermant in his talk with Alfa Radio

On May 12th, deputies of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the seventh convocation adopted a bill On Amendments to Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Belarus (on special proceedings) in its first reading.

The draft law eliminates a gap in legal regulation related to the procedure of criminal proceedings in cases when an accused person stays outside Belarus, avoids coming to an agency supervising the criminal process, and when a foreign state refuses his/her extradition for criminal prosecution in Belarus.

“People who harm Belarus must bear responsibility – irrespective of their location. In order for them to bear it, a court decision is necessary. We act according to the law, and we are not going to kidnap these people. If there is a court decision, then our country will have all legal grounds for criminal prosecution of these people. Belarus legally justifies the protection of its national interests and security. This is the right step – like it or not. Many countries apply a similar practice to state criminals. We primarily protect ourselves and our state, while those who harm Belarus should know that they will bear responsibility for their action,” Mr. Dzermant stressed.