Posted: 07.10.2022 13:36:00

Pentagon learns lessons from special operation in Ukraine

The US Department of Defence draws useful information from the Russian special operation in Ukraine – as stated by General James McConville, the Chief of Staff of the US Army (ground forces), TASS reports


The officer stressed that the Pentagon received a lot of valuable information by studying the 1973 Arab-Israeli war and the course of the American operation in Vietnam.

“This is how we have given the [current] shape of our ground forces over the past 40 years,” he explained.

“We are looking at Ukraine the same way, checking if the [US military] doctrine is correct, if our organisation [of the US military] is correct, if our modernisation priorities are correct. This helps us in considering [these issues]. And even more important: are our programmes relating to people [US Armed Forces personnel] correct, do we have the people we need. We are seeing a demonstration of the importance of non-commissioned officers, of how we will operate in the future on a battlefield that is fought over fiercely. We see exactly this. And we are learning some very good lessons from that,” McConville said during a speech at a conference hosted by the weekly Defence News.