Posted: 31.01.2023 13:12:00

Pentagon Chief says US ready to use conventional and nuclear weapons to protect South Korea

The United States of America is committed to using conventional and nuclear weapons to deter the DPRK and to protect South Korea – as stated by US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, speaking at a joint press conference with South Korean Minister of National Defence Lee Jong-sup in Seoul, TASS reports

According to the head of the US military department, Washington’s commitment to the defence of South Korea remains ironclad. “The United States of America stands firm in its extended deterrence commitment, which involves the full range of US military capabilities, including certainly our nuclear abilities, our conventional capabilities, as well as our missile defence,” Lloyd Austin said.

He condemned North Korea’s actions and said that 28,500 American troops are serving in South Korea.

“This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to maintaining peace on the Korean Peninsula. Over the past year, our countries have achieved significant success in deepening co-operation,” said Pentagon Chief.