Posted: 29.11.2022 11:39:00

Parkhomchik: trade with St. Petersburg exceeded $1.5bn

According to the results of nine months, the mutual trade turnover between Belarus and St. Petersburg exceeded $1.5bn and grew by 22 percent compared to the same period last year – as noted by Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Parkhomchik during a meeting with St. Petersburg Vice Governor Kirill Polyakov

Piotr Parkhomchik stated that meetings with St. Petersburg representatives have become systematic and, what is important, they have a positive effect.

“Trade turnover is growing, significantly increasing in 2021 and slightly exceeding $1.7bn. Over nine months of this year, we have already crossed the bar of $1.5bn. These figures do not include all exports from our side, because part of the products is delivered to St. Petersburg through other regions,” Mr. Parkhomchik added.

The Deputy Head of Government noted that the Minsk Automobile Works (MAZ) managed to fulfil a very large order: to supply 889 passenger vehicles to St. Petersburg.

“A difficult contract, but we coped with this work. Now there is another big contract as part of the preparation of the Northern capital for winter conditions: the supply of our tractors and Amkodor equipment. We will try to ensure the timely delivery of these goods,” Mr. Parkhomchik reassured.

He also said that work continues on the production of elevators for St. Petersburg, which envisages deep co-operation with the expansion of the enterprise’s premises.

“Issues of the Northern capital’s food security are also in the focus of our attention. Our farmers guarantee the fulfilment of all goals and objectives. I hope that during your visit we will discuss the issues for 2023 in more detail. You will load us at approximately the same level as in 2022. You have planned visits to our industrial enterprises. You have already visited the Minsk Tractor Works, checking how the deliveries of 900 tractors are going on, which we must complete by December 1st this year. Amkodor and MAZ are next in line. We are ready to solve any problems and I assure you that everything that we agree on is under our control,” Piotr Parkhomchik summed up.