Posted: 26.10.2022 16:04:00

Parallel government created in Moldova

Protests have been going on in Moldova for more than two months. According to the opposition, they involve about 100,000 people who demand to form a government of people's trust and to send President Maia Sandu to stand trial, RIA Novostiw reports.


Last weekend, the People's Government, the People's Tribunal and the People's Shield were established at a rally in Chisinau, with a goal of protecting Moldova from the usurpation of power.

According to the oppositionists, in the event of a power vacuum, the People's Government will ensure constitutional order, organise early parliamentary and presidential elections, develop a programme to overcome the economic crisis, establish a dialogue with the authorities at a local level and with strategic partners abroad.

As for the People's Tribunal, it will investigate the abuses of Maia Sandu’s team, and then pass a verdict in accordance with the Criminal Code of Moldova. In turn, the People's Shield will not allow the country to be drawn into a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and will preserve the neutrality of the republic.