Posted: 29.10.2021 12:00:00

Pankin: any integration envisages balance of interests

Any integration is based primarily on a balance of interests and mutual benefit – as noted by Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Alexander Pankin, at the 14th Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona


While delivering a speech as part of the forum’s Activity of Diplomacy in Modern International Context session, Mr. Pankin noted that any integration is a complex process related to three main issues, “Will the state lose its sovereignty? Will it become subordinate? Will it continue to benefit in the markets where it currently operates?”

According to Mr. Pankin, the modern world has again turned out to be fragmented. “Globalisation has not disappeared, but it has become decentralised. Differently speaking, it continues to be globalisation, but it is increasingly based on regions,” he stressed.

Mr. Pankin added, “We are eager to see the European Union united. Meanwhile, it sometimes unclear to us why the EU does not want the Eurasian integration to be united. The political dialogue is now suspended and frozen, but diplomacy is not in despair. It is difficult to say why there is no convergence of integrations within Greater Eurasia. Probably, there is much political influence and also fierce competition in many areas.”

The Deputy Foreign Minister is convinced that diplomacy is important in the modern international context, since it is necessary to combat fake news and explain many processes.