Posted: 21.10.2021 11:07:00

Pandemic related information must be truthful

All information on the pandemic should be truthful and provide insight into the real situation – as stated by Belarus’ First Deputy Information Minister, Andrei Kuntsevich, during the Mass Media Against COVID-19 webinar organised by the Information Ministry and the Healthcare Ministry


“The coronavirus pandemic is perhaps the first case when problems related to the virus spread are covered by all the world's media online. Belarus is no exception. These materials have always aroused and still generate interest among people. It is important for them to be truthful and reflect the real situation,” Mr. Kuntsevich stressed.

The Deputy Information Minister added that, during the pandemic, many fake news has emerged. These resources aim is sow panic among people through shock sensations and thus gain certain bonuses.

“As you know, bad news sells better and faster. It’s been scientifically proved that a single panic-charged person is able to involve about 30-40 other people in a panic. In my opinion, the media should now cover this topic competently and promptly, while preventing all sorts of fake news from capturing the audience’s attention and sowing chaos and panic in society. Moreover, as we can see, the topic of coronavirus is actively used by certain ‘well-wishers’ in Belarus for political purposes – as it was discussed in detail at the recent large meeting with the Head of State.