Posted: 23.09.2022 09:58:00

Over past 40 years, winter snow cover in mountain areas decreased by 11.5% worldwide

Italian climatologists have found that the typical snow cover area in the mountains has decreased by 11.5 percent during winter and decreased by 3.6 percent overall compared to 1982 – as noted by the Eurac Research Centre’s press service, TASS reports

“Our measurements confirmed what previous assessments of colleagues indicated. Snow cover on mountains around the world, with a few minor exceptions, continues to decline rapidly. As a result, the period of snow cover in mountain areas around the world decreased by an average of about 15 days,” said Eurac Research Centre’s Deputy Director Claudia Notarnicola.

The first ‘victims’ of global warming have already become the polar regions of the Earth and mountain glaciers. The temperature in their territories has become four to nine degrees Celsius higher than in past centuries, which will irreversibly lead to a sharp reduction in the future of these ice caps.