Posted: 28.09.2022 11:26:00

Over 7 months, Belarus’ food exports increased by 25% against the same period of last year

This year, Belarus is showing significant progress in exporting food products, selling over seven months almost $4.4bn of food to foreign markets which is 24 percent more compared to the same period in 2021 – as stated today by Belarus’ Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Ivan Smilgin during the opening of the Agricultural Belarus. Meat Farm international forum

As is traditional, livestock products occupy a significant share in foreign sales (over 60 percent), which is associated with high level of its production. Last year, the level of self-sufficiency in meat stood at 134 percent, in milk – at 263, and in eggs – 128, enabling our country to form an export potential for these groups of goods.

In 2022, Belarus increased exports of meat products, poultry meat, cut beef, as well as cheeses and cottage cheeses, i.e., finished products with high cost and profitability. Over the seven months of this year, the growth rate of exports compared to the same period in 2021 for meat products amounted to 135.7 percent, for dairy products totalled 125.8 percent.

The forum covers various thematic areas: animal science and fodder production, breeding and herd reproduction, as well as veterinary medicine and personnel policy. The programme also includes methodological recommendations from the best experts, presentations by specialists from leading farms, discussions in the ‘question-answer’ format, tasting of meat products, and a competition of professional skills.