Posted: 12.10.2021 11:04:00

Over 2m trees planted as part of Clean Forest campaign

The Forestry Ministry has analysed the results of the Clean Forest campaign which was held countrywide for the eleventh time and was timed to coincide with the National Unity Year 

Anastasia Matskevich, the Forestry Ministry’s press secretary, has announced that almost 42,100 volunteers and forestry workers took part in the campaign. As a result of their work, 5,700 cubic metres of debris were removed at 2,369 objects. Fifty-six recreation zones were revamped across the country and almost 2.017m trees were planted.

Forestry enterprises presented souvenirs to all children who helped clean forests up. Moreover, the Forestry Ministry has prepared presents for the most active social network users who posted photos and videos with the #ЧыстыЛес2021 and #ЧистыйЛес2021 hashtags. “We’ll sum up the results of the contest among Internet users in the near future,” Ms. Matskevich commented.