Posted: 10.11.2021 10:53:00

Our Children campaign and charity fundraising

Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Petrishenko, has discussed preparations for the New Year charity event – Our Children – with the organising committee. The meeting participants touched upon the issues of ensuring safe transportation of children from the regions to Minsk, their comfortable accommodation and provision of meals, and also compliance with anti-epidemic norms.

The campaign is already a kind tradition in Belarus – being held in the country for more than 25 years under the President’s patronage. “We are holding our traditional large-scale campaign – Our Children – during the New Year celebrations. Its significance for society could hardly be overestimated since the event is dedicated to our main value: children. The good tradition will continue this year as well: from December 14th, 2021 to January 14th, 2022,” Mr. Petrishenko said.

Every year, top officials of the country, heads of ministries, other state agencies and organisations, as well as banks, public associations and ordinary citizens visit socially significant facilities throughout the country, also attending events for foster and disabled children, family-type orphanages, boys and girls from large and single-parent families. Small Belarusians receive not only gifts, but primarily attention and care.

According to Mr. Petrishenko, the number of participants is increasing annually. Many state agencies and private companies have already established patronage relations which are maintained not only during the campaign.

Traditional events will be held in Minsk. Among them will be the Main Christmas Tree of Belarus, charity celebrations at the Palace of the Republic and the Palace of Independence, a ball for students and winners of Republican contests and Olympiads. Mr. Petrishenko noted that about 4,500 children would be invited to the capital, adding that all events will be organised in line with the Healthcare Ministry’s recommendations on sanitary and anti-epidemic measures.

The Deputy Prime Minister focused also on another innovation of the campaign, “This year, for the first time, we will hold a charity fundraiser to improve the material and technical base of educational, healthcare, and social protection institutions where our children stay. I hope citizens will be happy to respond to this initiative and take part in raising funds.”