Posted: 02.11.2022 12:19:00

Opinion: US trying to ruin EU economy with Ukrainian conflict

Washington is using the conflict in Ukraine to strengthen its economic dominance in the European Union, including through the supply of expensive gas – as noted by the Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee on International Affairs of the House of Representatives, Oleg Gaidukevich, in his talk with the ONT TV channel

The expert believes the United States is interested in the conflict in Ukraine continuing as far as possible. “What we see today is a deliberate escalation of the conflict. The United States is interested in ensuring that this conflict not only lasts as long as possible, but also that as many European countries as possible are mired in it," he explained.

Mr. Gaidukevich added that the US is actually trying to cash in on the European Union, “There are already voices of understanding in the European Union, and some European officials have already admitted the United States is selling gas four times more expensive against the background of the energy crisis in the EU.”