Posted: 11.09.2023 14:24:00

Opinion: Ukrainians are the cheapest way for the West to fight Russia

The supply of old weapons to Kiev and the war in Ukraine by the hands of the Kiev regime are the cheapest way for the West to fight Russia – as noted by Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian State TV and Radio Company, in his talk with Alfa Radio

Earlier, US intelligence reported the failure of the Ukrainian offensive. According to the media, Kiev lacks manpower and experiences supply problems. In turn, Russia faces no shortage of personnel, and its industry produces everything necessary for military operations.

Commenting on the US intelligence data, Mr. Eismont said, “Americans are the main beneficiary in this situation. Everything that we once predicted is already happening. Europeans have sent their weapons [to Ukraine] and now want to buy them from the United States. It is a classic case: destruction of old weapons kept in warehouses is quite an expensive undertaking, so it is much cheaper to get rid of them during exercises. Moreover, it is a true luck for the military-industrial complex when there is an opportunity to try these weapons in real combat.”

The expert noted that, thanks to the use of weapons in real combat operations, the West can learn of their weaknesses – to further eliminate them and increase the power of the domestic armed forces.

“Ukrainians are dying, hundreds of tanks are burning, but British politicians and military figures are happy that they have seen the weak points of their military hardware. There were up to ten Ukrainians in each of those tanks, and this fact supposedly worries them [in the West]: they can even kneel before a new monument. However, this is simply the cheapest way to fight the Russian Federation. Americans are not dying on the territory of Ukraine, these are Ukrainians who are being killed,” Mr. Eismont stressed.

Along with this, the Chairman of the Belarusian State TV and Radio Company, explained whether Western countries will push Ukraine to negotiations, “This issue is being actively discussed. I follow the Polish and Baltic mass media, and there is no such mood: they have gone completely crazy there. At the same time, reasonable thoughts are voiced to the west of Poland, and we see them in the American, British, and French printed media. There is now an increasing number of publications stating that something has gone wrong, that it is necessary to think about what to do next. Meanwhile, just six months ago, these resources did not hesitate to pump their population with false information about the start of the counteroffensive," Mr Eismont emphasised.