Posted: 30.01.2023 15:03:00

Opinion: there’re beneficiaries of Ukraine conflict, and Poland is their tool

What is the role of Poland in the Ukrainian conflict and what could be the outcome of its strategy in the future? Yulia Abukhovich, a senior lecturer at the Department of Economic Theory and Marketing of the Belarusian State Technological University, explored this topic during her talk with ONT TV channel.

ONT video screenshot

According to her, ‘there are three major beneficiaries [of what is happening in Ukraine]: the US, the UK, and the EU’.

“They squabble among themselves and are enemies towards each other. But Poland is their tool, which gladly does everything to earn some money for a comfortable existence,” Yulia Abukhovich noted. “What are they [Poles] just not doing! They demand reparations from Germany, despite the fact that they are told ‘no’, they put spokes in our wheels. Although they understand that we pose no threat to them, everyone has already said that Belarus is not going to attack anyone!”

Programme host Dmitry Bochkov, in turn, noted that the actions of the Polish neighbours ‘similar to an all-or-nothing game’.

“So far, they are spending more and more [on defence]. If everything does not end the way Poland expects, all these tanks, budget spending on weapons will become a grave cover for them,” the journalist believes.

In this regard, Yulia Abukhovich believes one should also not forget that ‘Poland does not hide its ambitions concerning Ukraine, it dreams [of the day] when Ukraine will remain at its disposal’.