Posted: 07.02.2023 15:28:00

Opinion: the President took all measures to prevent attempts to encroach on Belarus’ sovereignty

Any encroachment on Belarus’ sovereignty is futile, since President Aleksandr Lukashenko has done everything to prevent this – as noted by political analyst Aleksandr Shpakovsky during his talk with Alfa Radio

The Armed Forces of Belarus has begun staff training of the joint command of the regional group of troops (forces). Commenting on this issue, Aleksandr Shpakovsky said, “We are preparing to give an adequate response in case of an attack on our country. Aleksandr Lukashenko has taken all the necessary measures to restrain the adventurers from attempting to encroach on the sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus. Firstly, the intensity of the combat training of our army has been increased, and secondly, some missing components in the security system have been replenished at the expense of the Russians.”

The political scientist noted that military-technical co-operation between Belarus and Russia is especially important today.

“Over the past year, more has been done on this issue than in the last decade, although much still needs to be done. At the government level, everything is fine. But there are certain bureaucratic delays associated with the slowness of both Belarusian and Russian executive managers. In any case, everything is progressing. Belarus is the most important component in the system of the military industry of the Russian Federation. Moreover, the importance of our country as a production and agricultural base for Russia has increased while the importance of the Russian market has increased for us. Everything is interdependent. It’s normal between allies, we trust each other. Relations between the two heads of state are at the peak of trust,” Aleksandr Shpakovsky stated.