Posted: 24.11.2023 16:24:00

Opinion: Russia and Belarus, rather than Western countries, will restore Ukraine

Ukraine is part of our East Slavic space, so Russia and Belarus, who are interested in economic and political co-operation with the neighbouring country, will have to restore this region – as noted by Dean of the BSU Journalism Department Aleksei Belyaev in his talk with Alfa Radio

According to the expert, the terrifying dead end in which Ukraine finds itself due to its unproductive position is a blow to Belarus and Russia.

“This region will eventually have to be restored. Western countries will not do this: it is not in their interests. Russia and Belarus will provide all possible assistance to Ukraine, because we are interested in restoring full-fledged, normal economic and political co-operation,” he explained.

Obviously, Ukraine will not be able to win by military means. This simple fact has already been realised in the West not only by senior government officials. This idea is actively spreading in the public space and influencing public opinion. Sensible voices are increasingly heard calling for an end to the Ukrainian conflict.

“Some Western analysts calculated that since the beginning of the special military operation, Ukraine has received direct cash subsidies or various types of assistance worth $230bn. The West could spend these funds to support Israel. The Europeans began to think that the Ukrainian conflict had washed away their own military resources and that they needed to update their weapons. The economic crisis in Europe requires attention and investment in one’s own states. Ukraine has turned into a suitcase without a handle, which is hard to carry and a pity to throw away,” noted Aleksei Belyaev.

Recently, more and more experts are thinking about what will happen to Ukraine after the war.

“Information has emerged that the population of Ukraine has crossed the level of less than 20 million people. The majority of those who went abroad before or at the initial stage of the special military operation do not intend to return. There’re catastrophic losses among the young population: the most important demographic resource - young people aged 20-30 – were actually knocked out, and those who remained were mostly cripples who returned from the front because of wounds. Older people are starting to be drafted into the Ukrainian army. The average age of a modern Ukrainian soldier is 43 years. 50-year-olds are going to war, and they are planning to raise the conscription age. The exit from the territory of Ukraine of citizens from 18 to 60 years of age is completely prohibited. This is very sad, because it means the destruction of the country’s demographic potential,” underlined the expert.

Ukraine suffered a catastrophe as a result of stupid politics and its inability to make friends with closest neighbours.

“Russia has long tried to stop Ukraine’s openly hostile actions through negotiations and direct economic handouts related to gas, e.g. But everything turned out to be in vain; the outstretched hand was not appreciated. Thanks to the pro-Western authorities, Ukraine took a completely unproductive position, which led it to this horrific conflict. There is only one way out of this dead end: to sit down at the negotiating table, but not with the current Ukrainian leadership, which avoid these talks like the plague.”