Posted: 29.03.2023 17:34:00

Opinion: people in France already felt the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions

In France, they began to understand the falsity of the anti-Russian policy – as noted by French journalist and editor-in-chief of the Words and Meanings almanac Elena Kondratieva-Salguero in her talk with the Soloviev Live TV channel


The speaker noted that against the backdrop of the EU’s imposition of sanctions against Russia, inflation has noticeably increased in France.

“There is joyful jubilation in the Russian opposition press that [Europe] survived the winter and did not go bankrupt. All analysts unanimously warned from the very beginning that the rebound from sanctions was not for this year, but for a long time. [The West] will very soon understand that restrictions threaten almost all European countries. In France, they have already begun to understand this, since inflation has grown to such proportions that even buyers who aren’t particularly concerned about financial motives, notice how much the prices in stores have increased,” said Elena Kondratieva-Salguero.

According to the journalist, the French authorities are trying to hide the real state of the country’s economy.

“With the level of information that is now available, the European electorate is completely unaware of what is really happening all over the world, including on the battlefields of Russia and Ukraine. People are misinformed about real events, not to mention the fact that they do not want to link current events into a single chain. Therefore, the uninformed electorate does not understand what is really happening,” Elena Kondratieva-Salguero stressed.