Posted: 15.04.2024 11:42:20

Opinion: lull on battlefield and Zelensky's falling ratings create good moment for negotiations

Due to the lull on the battlefield and the decline in the ratings of Vladimir Zelensky, a favourable moment has come for negotiations on peace in Ukraine – as stated by an analyst at the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research (BISR), Candidate of Historical Sciences Olga Lazorkina, in her talk with the STV TV channel


“This is a very good moment to restart the negotiation process, because there has been, I would say, a lull on the battlefield. Both sides are solving some tactical tasks in order to save resources. This is also important for Russia,” Olga Lazorkina noted.

The expert also stressed that the West's policy towards Kyiv has changed, “If earlier the West pushed Ukraine, solving some of its goals and objectives, today it has run out of potential. This concerns the supply of weapons, financing, and the ideological component, which has become weak.”

Olga Lazorkina added that the rating of the current Ukrainian president is falling in the country itself, “Ukraine is mobilising now, and, apparently, it will go according to a tough option. After the announcement of all the conditions, the ratings will drop even more. In order to preserve the legitimacy of the Ukrainian president and take into account all the realities that exist today, it is just a good moment for negotiations. Aleksandr Lukashenko is talking about this, calling to seize the moment, but we do not yet see that the sides are ready.”