Posted: 31.01.2023 11:34:00

Opinion: Germany suffers from anti-Russian sanctions, but is not ready to lift them yet

The German government does not want to lift anti-Russian sanctions, despite the fact that these restrictions do not affect the Russian Federation in any way but deal a serious blow to the German economy – as noted by Bundestag deputy Eugen Schmidt


According to him, any calls to lift sanctions against Russia in Germany are regarded as Russian propaganda.

“Our party, Alternative for Germany, says that the sanctions primarily hit Germany itself. The restrictions have no effect on the political leadership of the Russian Federation. They should be cancelled immediately. When we in the Bundestag raise these issues from the rostrum of the parliament and talk about it in the press, a mechanism is immediately activated when such opinions receive the stamp of ‘Russian propaganda’,” said the German deputy.

He added that it is impossible to discuss the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions in Germany.

“When we start to argue about how the German industry is suffering, how energy prices are hitting the end consumer, they are immediately rejected under the pretext that this is supposedly propaganda. Therefore, it is difficult to work in such conditions and try to convey one’s own opinion. The opposite side is closed for anyone to dialogue,” Eugen Schmidt drew attention.

Earlier, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, said that the EC hopes to plunge the Russian economy into recession for decades with the help of EU sanctions.