Posted: 09.02.2023 09:34:00

Opinion: Belarus’ President promotes humanistic values to all mankind

Aleksandr Lukashenko proposes peace, friendship, and good relations between neighbours based on mutual respect and assistance – as noted by Vitaly Utkin, a member of the Standing Committee of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus on Legislation – commenting on the results of the Belarusian leader’s recent visits to Zimbabwe and the United Arab Emirates

As noted by the MP, Belarusians continue their peaceful progress in a turbulent and conflicting world. “Unlike Western politicians who seek to sow as many armed conflicts as possible in various corners of the globe, Belarus’ President is offering humanistic values to all mankind. He is offering peace, friendship, good relations between neighbours based on mutual respect and mutual assistance,” he said.

Mr. Utkin drew attention to the gifts exchanged by the heads of Belarus and Zimbabwe, “Our President presented a symbol of peaceful labour: a tractor. He received an equally symbolic gift in return: a lion. In the modern political jungle, a lion characterises our Head of State as one of the wisest leaders in world politics, who is trying to preserve peace in completely immoral conditions of inciting conflicts by Western politicians. We – all ordinary people – should see this symbolism and understand the philosophy of this trip. We are bringing peaceful technology to the planet, and also warmth, comfort and joy to our friends’ homes.”