Posted: 22.05.2023 14:31:00

Opinion: Belarus’ National Security Concept aims to prevent military hostilities on the country’s territory

The updated Constitution of the Republic of Belarus was adopted last year. Due to the changed military-political situation around the country, the wording on the nuclear-free status of Belarus and neutrality were excluded from the former Basic Law. Military expert Igor Chibisov commented on the issue.

“The National Security Concept is the second most important law that needs changes and updates. It also had to take into account the events in Belarus in 2020, so that they would never happen again,” Mr. Chibisov noted.

As the expert emphasised, the world is moving forward, and new challenges, threats and risks are emerging. They will be reflected in the new document. “The United States remains the key organiser of international tension: it called China the main strategic competitor in its national security strategy, also stating that Russia produces ‘an acute threat’. There are two main hotbeds of military tension at present: Eastern Europe (Ukraine) and the Indo-Pacific region (the island of Taiwan),” he added.

Mr. Chibisov continued, “Belarus and Russia form the Union State, and China is their strategic partner. Belarus is particularly concerned about the tension on its borders and the borders of its allies: Russia, the CSTO countries, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Transnistria and other regions of the former post-Soviet space.”

“The main goal of the new version of the National Security Concept is to prevent military actions on the territory of Belarus. The updated document will further be discussed (during the year) on dialogue platforms and in labour teams. Any citizen of Belarus can offer proposals and participate in this process. We must remember that the state security is provided not only by the Armed Forces, but also by state bodies, civil society organisations, and all Belarusians. The decision to create a people's militia in Belarus is one of the confirmations of this. Although we are peaceful people, we will not give our native land, sovereignty and independence to anyone.”