Posted: 19.01.2023 15:08:00

Opinion: Belarus doing everything possible for peace in Ukraine for many years

Ukraine is completely under external control and depends entirely on Western aid, so there is no need to talk about the country’s sovereignty and independence – as stated by Oleg Gaidukevich, a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, in his talk with Alfa Radio

According to the MP, Ukraine lost its sovereignty a long time ago. “It was divided many years ago. Initially, [Western states] took out all natural resources from there, then completely put the country under external control. All major Ukrainian corporations – that control the main income, spheres and industries – are managed by foreigners. The richest country, which had huge potential after the USSR collapse, was simply plundered and sold off. People began to be sold. What did Ukraine get from Europe after the Maidan? That was the visa-free regime alone – introduced by the European Union to get cheap labour force. Actually, that was not enough for the West: it needs blazing along Russia’s perimeter – so it started a war in Ukraine to try to weaken Russia,” he explained.

Mr. Gaidukevich added that Ukraine can now exist only at the expense of Western support. "If Western aid does not arrive tomorrow, then this country will simply stop existing – militarily, economically and politically. They do not even need to include Western Ukraine into Poland, since it is already under its full influence, as it cannot live without help. It gets worse and worse as it goes on, and military occupation of Western Ukraine under the guise of assistance is possible at any moment,” he said.

The MP stressed that Belarus has always wished Ukrainians only good, adhering to the same principle at present as well. “Ukrainian elites pray for those who [Western countries] are actually destroying the nation, also saying nasty things about Belarus at a time when thousands of Ukrainians have found shelter, work and peace in our country. They live here. If Ukraine opened its borders, there would be even more Ukrainians in Belarus, but they closed the borders and people are not allowed in. Belarus has been doing everything for peace in Ukraine for many years. We have never fomented conflicts, we have never wanted wars and bloodshed, and we have never wanted foreign territories. We want to live on our own land, raise our children normally, and we do not want others to get into our way. That's it! We never meddle in someone’s affairs. We are simply rendering assistance,” Mr. Gaidukevich concluded.