Posted: 18.01.2023 10:51:00

Opinion: Belarus creates no strike groups and poses no threat to its neighbours

Belarus is doing everything to prevent implementation of insidious plans of Poland and other Western countries towards it and Russia – as noted by political expert, Aleksei Dzermant, in his talk with the ONT TV channel

Photo: video screenshot

According to the expert, Belarus is doing what it should – taking care of its own security, while looking at what is happening around the country. “At the same time, any person – including those not particularly knowledgeable in military and political affairs – can see a difference in preparations on our part and on the part of our neighbours. We are really preparing to defend our territory, creating no strike groups and posing no threat to our neighbours. Belarus is not making any territorial claims, and it is not conducting its policy behind the scenes – as Poland is doing with regard to Ukraine,” he explained.

Mr. Dzermant drew attention to the statements of Polish analysts, “I closely follow their words, and these people constantly repeat three theses. The first one says that Poles definitely need to stop Russia if it is a success in the Ukrainian conflict. According to the second thesis, Belarus must definitely be knocked out of its alliance with Russia. After all that is said in the first two theses is done, it will only be needed to push Russia into Siberia. These are open plans of Polish analysts, and they are also discussing now how such steps could be implemented. Belarus is doing everything to prevent implementation of these plans of Poland and other Western countries.”