Posted: 02.12.2022 13:40:00

One more drone landed on border with Ukraine

On December 1st, 1.2km from the state border above the Mokrany checkpoint (adjacent Domanovo on the Ukrainian territory) at an altitude of about 300m, Belarusian border guards, together with servicemen of the Armed Forces, discovered a quadcopter – as reported by the State Border Committee of Belarus in its Telegram channel

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Belarus' State Border Committee video

According to the Belarusian border department, the drone was heading from the Ukrainian side to the rear of the Belarusian territory.

“With the use of electronic weapons, the drone was forcibly landed. The quadcopter had no identification marks and was also equipped with a built-in video camera for conducting reconnaissance of the border territory of Belarus,” the State Border Committee noted.

Inspection is being carried out on this fact.

The State Border Committee recalled that the same cases occurred last month: on November 2nd and 16th.