Posted: 31.05.2023 14:42:00

On a voluntary basis

More than 900 people will become volunteers
at the 2nd CIS Games, which will be held
in Belarus in August

Young people from all over the country applied to participate in the programme. As a result, not everyone was included in the final list, but only those who meet the high requirements for working at a sporting event of this level. Irina Golovan, Deputy Head of the Republican Volunteer Centre, said that the guys who passed the selection had already completed the first stage of training at the centre.

“I saw an announcement about a recruitment for volunteers on the Internet. Our deputy dean for educational work told about how to get into the programme. Volunteering is a hobby for me. I’ve been doing this since school. At the university, we also have our own squad called KhvostUshi, which helps four-legged friends,” says 2nd year student of the Belarusian State Medical University Timofey Tolochkov.
Timofey Tolochkov

Timofey says that during the first training sessions for volunteering during the competitions, he and other children were introduced to what the 2nd CIS Games is, they were told about the symbols, principles, the code of volunteers, the sites where the children will work, “We also worked on some situations that could happen. For example, what to do if riots start. Or how to act when finding an indefinite object.”
Sport has always occupied a special place in the life of a student. He is sure that holding such competitions in our country is a great event, 
“This is a great way to promote the tourism potential of our country. It is also a very patriotic event that will definitely evoke patriotic feelings in everyone. And I am very proud that I can help our country in its implementation.”
Timofey will have to go through test competitions, which will be held in early June.
“Competition venues will be located in different regions. The children will have to undergo training already on the spot in order to get acquainted with the peculiarities of holding the event directly at the place of their volunteering,” Irina Golovan explains.  
Anastasia Kiseleva

The specialist is sure that such an experience will be useful for the guys. After all, voluntary assistance develops leadership and communication skills in young people, and allows them to feel their involvement in a large-scale event. Anastasia Kiseleva, a 3rd year student at the Faculty of International Relations, purposefully looked for an opportunity to participate in volunteer activities in Belarus. Her choice fell on the 2nd CIS Games. The girl sent an application in an electronic form, and then took an educational course at a volunteer centre. 
“Such events allow Belarus to present its culture and its peculiarities, as well as to exchange cultural characteristics with other countries. I am sure that the competitions will open up new opportunities for co-operation between countries and demonstrate the achievements of Belarus at the international level,” the student answers diplomatically.

By Svetlana Isaenok

Photos by Aleksandr Kulevsky