Posted: 27.02.2022 12:51:00

Observer from Germany: polling stations work at highest level

Heinz-Rudolf Wehmeyer, an independent observer from Germany, is working at Mogilev’s polling stations today


“I have been maintaining relations between Belarus and Germany, especially between the cities of Wittenberg and Mogilev, for about 30 years,” the international observer commented. “We are happy to welcome Belarusians, while our tourists, specialists and young people like to come here. We enjoy excellent civil relations, and this is much owing to an overall high level of culture in Belarus – including education, creative heritage, cleanness and order of streets, cities, villages, forests and fields. This is my first visit here in the observer status, and I am very pleased to be involved in this historic event for Belarus.”

The guest has already visited several polling stations since the morning. “I have no remarks. The work is organised at the highest level, and everything complies with technical standards,” Mr. Wehmeyer said. “I have joyful and festive impressions! People have been voting since early morning, despite it is Sunday. I appreciate a social focus in the proposed amendments and additions to the Constitution – regarding family issues, social protection, close contacts between government officials and citizens [Belarusian People’s Congress]. This is an important factor for a peaceful and calm life. Taking into account the international situation, safety is vital as never before. We all hope that life in Belarus will become even better.”