Posted: 11.01.2024 09:39:00

Number of asylum applications in Germany increased by 50% over the year

In 2023, approximately 329,000 people applied for refugee status in Germany, TASS reports


The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees noted that the statistical indicator for the reporting period is 50 percent higher than for 2022. A positive decision was made in 260,000 cases. The largest number of applications were submitted by citizens of Syria (104,000), Turkiye (62,000), and Afghanistan (53,000).

In autumn 2023, the German government approved a number of measures aimed at tightening immigration laws and making the country less attractive to illegal immigrants. In particular, refugees will need to live in Germany for 36 months to receive standard social benefits (18 months longer than before). The benefits will be transferred to a debit card, enabling foreigners to spend money in the country rather than transfer it to relatives abroad. The processing time for asylum applications will be reduced. German authorities are also going to facilitate the deportation of those whose applications were not satisfied.