Posted: 03.03.2022 10:29:00

NOC urges Olympic movement for unity and peacefulness

The Athletes’ Commission of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus has made a statement to express its total disagreement with the IOC Executive Board decision to deprive athletes from participating in international competitions, not to use our national flag and not to perform our national anthem – as reported by the Belarus NOC press service


The Commission views these decisions of the IOC Executive Board as discrimination. It believes the deprival of the innocent athletes – who have not violated anything – from participation in competitions is unacceptable.

"Sports competitions have always been a symbol of unity for athletes from all countries in a fair and equal struggle; it was once the idea to continue to try strength against others in sports competitions, in spite of all geopolitical differences, that created the Olympic movement. We urge the entire international sports community to prevent the incitement of discord, anger and hatred within the sports community and be an example of solidarity and peacefulness," the statement reads.