Posted: 31.12.2021 16:38:00

NOC President congratulated athletes and fans on upcoming New Year

The President of Belarus’ National Olympic Committee, Viktor Lukashenko, has congratulated athletes, coaches, veterans of the Olympic movement, sports industry workers and fans on the upcoming New Year


The congratulations message posted on the NOC official website reads:

“Dear friends! We are seeing off the year 2021. Of course, it was diverse. There were difficulties and mistakes, but we were jointly searching for the necessary solutions, and we found them. Everything that we have achieved is not simply a gift of fate: it is a reward for the hard work of everyone who is connected with high performance sports in Belarus – especially those who captured medals at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, thanks to whom the Belarusian flag was raised and our anthem sounded. We worked for ourselves and for the well-being of our relatives, our big Olympic family. This all has contributed to our common success.

The new year 2022 is approaching. Every time we look forward to this holiday as we did in childhood: we are waiting for joy, fun, gifts. No less responsible and intense year is ahead; this will be the year of the 24th Winter Olympics in Beijing. I am convinced that our joint work will be equally dynamic and productive, will contribute to further development of the Olympic movement of our country and new victories in the international sports arena.

I am convinced that every Belarusian will cheer for our Olympians at the Winter Olympics in the People's Republic of China. I hope sports lovers, all Belarusian fans will support domestic athletes during the main events of four years – for which they have been preparing all their lives – and will enjoy our team’s performance, and be happy with its successes. The most persistent, assertive and hardy will reach the finish line. Belarusians are simply obliged to be among the winners. We are capable of it!

Athletes are able to create a fashion for a healthy lifestyle, for physical culture and sports, to form a sense of patriotism and pride for their people and their Motherland. In my opinion, this is their mission! May all hopes come true in the New Year. May our team show its best results at all Olympic arenas, and luck never leave Belarusian athletes even for a split second.

May the care of our country live in the heart of each of us! May your work bring you inner satisfaction and good fame! I wish you good health, happiness, luck, prosperity, bright victories and Olympic triumph! We will be together with the team! Happy New Year!"