Posted: 27.11.2023 17:16:00

New York authorities to allocate $3m to strengthen security due to terrorist threat

New York state authorities are allocating an additional $3 million to strengthen security measures due to the threat of a terrorist attack against the backdrop of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, TASS reports


In a statement of the Governor of New York State, Kathy Hochul, it is indicated that these funds will be used to train employees of the state's national security department to recognise and eliminate terrorist threats that arise in schools and universities. Part of the specified amount will be spent on compiling a special manual that will help identify disinformation on the Internet that incites hatred. This document is intended to be sent to educational institutions. The manual is also supposed to be used by parents in their conversations with children about terrorism.

Ms. Hochul added that the growing level of hate endangers all New Yorkers. "As Governor, I intend to fight this crisis," she said, urging the companies that own social networks to work together to counter terrorism.

According to the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Situations of New York, the number of hate speech online has recently increased by 425 percent against Jewish communities and by 417 percent against Muslim ones.