Posted: 04.11.2021 17:18:00

New look at the tradition of textile art

Here, There and Everywhere, an international exhibition of contemporary art of textile and mixed media, has opened at the Shchemelev Art Gallery in Mink

The exhibition demonstrates an up-to-date picture of the modern stage of development of the art of textiles from different parts of the world.  It offers a new look at the ancient traditions of textile art, its rethinking in other areas of art and mixed techniques. “At the beginning of the 21st century, textile works of art are examples of deep intellectual and emotional content. At present, the boundaries of textiles as art are blurring and transforming into a special form of textile thinking,” emphasise the organisers.
The exposition features over 100 works. Their authors are the artist Soude Dadras (Iran, USA), Manuel Wandl (Austria), Stefan ‘Secretspaces’ (Germany), Rahul Sharma (India, Netherlands) and Kristina Vysotskaya (Belarus). In their works, the craftsmen and women connect different ideological, semantic and formal plastic approaches. Each author in his own way explores the possibilities of textiles, not only with the help of technology and material, but also as a special philosophy and worldview. 
Spectators can attend meetings with project participants and go on excursions. Their goal is to show a unique vision of the art of textiles, the inimitable style and spirit of creativity of each master.
The author and curator of the exhibition is Kristina Vysotskaya. The project will run until November 28th.

By Olga Korneeva