Posted: 05.12.2023 17:51:00

New details of Super Mario RPG game released

Nintendo’s Super Mario RPG, a remake of the classic role-playing game for the SNES, has been released on the Nintendo Switch console and showed good sales results in Japan. Critics also praised the game.

Photo: Nintendo

As reported by the game-related entertainment channel, Super Mario RPG developed by ArtePiazza now has remade visual effects and scenes, while the character studies have mostly remained the same. Composer Yoko Shimomura brought in several new orchestral arrangements along with the original soundtrack. As for the fighting scenes, several new mechanics have become available to gamers, including inflicting damage to opponents with the help of perfectly timed strikes.

In addition, there are new features such as a gallery for viewing enemies and the opportunity to meet more complex versions of bosses after passing the main stage of the game.

Fans of Mario role-playing games can also look forward to the release of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, which will be released next year on Nintendo Switch.