Posted: 13.05.2022 14:33:00

New COVID-19 vaccine research started

The research on a coronavirus vaccine based on virus-like particles, developed by specialists from the Gamaleya National Research Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology, is already underway. Volunteers who received the drug showed no negative reactions – as noted by Centre’s Director Alexander Gintsburg, RIA Novosti reports.


Earlier, the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation permitted the Gamaleya Centre to conduct clinical trials of a drug against COVID-19 containing virus-like particles.

“The research has begun, with several people already been vaccinated with the new drug. No negative reactions after the introduction of the vaccine were recorded. Based on this, we can conclude that everything is fine,” he explained.

The specialist stressed that there are certain difficulties with the recruitment of volunteers who would have negative results for antibodies to COVID-19. More than 100 people have been screened, but only those who do not have antibodies are vaccinated.