Posted: 24.03.2023 17:47:00

Neural networks prepare weather forecast and act as its presenter in Russia

Stavropol’s Svoe TV channel has launched a weather forecast programme, in which the presenter and her voice are completely generated by neural networks, Championat reports


The Svoe TV channel has launched a new television project, within the framework of which a unique programme – Forecast of the Future – is broadcast, with virtual Snezhana Tumanova acting as its presenter. She is ambitious and aims to completely replace human competitors. Meanwhile, the TV channel management does not so far intend to get rid of a classic weather forecast version with a human presenter.

Neuro-prognosis is planned to be broadcast five times a day. Several neural networks are involved into the process. One of them is responsible for the virtual presenter, the other prepares the text, and the third one generates graphics and screensavers.

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