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Natural lounge areas

We will tell you where in Belarus you can ride a yacht under the starry sky, where to go on a river cruise, and how kayaking can surprise you.

Noisy Ibiza or family relaxation?

The lakes are often called the Belarusian Ibiza. The resort atmosphere reigns on the central beach of Braslav. You can admire the clear water from a boat or a catamaran, fly through the water on a tube, jump on a water trampoline. Thrill-seekers who are offered to rush along the water surface on a wakeboard will not get bored either.

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There are about sixty reservoirs in the district, everyone can choose a lake to their liking. Drivyaty, Strusto, Snudy, Potsekh, Nedrovo, Southern and Northern Volos are the most popular for swimming. For families with small children, the city beach of Braslav is suitable. The water here is warm, and the depth is knee-deep. Tourist camps are located on Lake Strusto.
PRICE: on average, a guest house, a farmstead from $40, a hotel room for two from $55.

Winding quest

If you want to plunge into the pristine Belarusian nature, admire its riches and unusual landscapes, go kayaking on the Isloch River. This narrow, but fast and winding river carries its waters through one of the largest forests in Europe, Naliboki Forest. There are wild river beaches and steep banks up to twenty meters high on the way.

You will have to show dexterity and manoeuvre in order to pass obstacles, such as submerged snags, fallen trees. But this gives more adrenaline and makes the rafting more interesting. After swimming enough, you can go on an eco-trail for wildlife photography. The red deer, roe deer, and wolves feel free in the local forests.
PRICE: eight-hour rafting on the Isloch River is $35.

Fairwind romance

Just a two-hour drive from Minsk, in Naroch, you can dive into the water from a yacht and go fishing with passion.
Berths for yachts, rest houses, health resorts… Belarusians go to the largest body of water in the country to relax, like at sea. One of the most ‘instagrammable’ types of recreation is a yacht trip. Right in the middle of the lake, you can take a dip in the crystal clear water or cast your line and wait for the catch. There is a walk on a yacht under the starry sky for romantics.

There are many tourist centres and health resorts on the lake. Mud and hydromassage baths, healing mineral water, magnetotherapy. The list of services of the Naroch sanatorium includes more than a hundred procedures. Ladies will especially appreciate relaxing spa programmes, rejuvenating treatments, such as pro-lift, effective cleansing, moisturising.
PRICE: sailing on a yacht is $45 per hour, a day in a double room of a sanatorium is about $35.

Clean water resort

Blue Lakes is a unique natural complex of the Belarusian Lakeland. For unforgettable photos, stunning sunrises and sunsets, go to the border of the Myadel and Postavy regions. A picturesque forest eco-trail leads through a pine forest and blueberries. Through the branched trees, the water surface of the lakes is shown.

Stunning views open up on the shores of lakes Glublya and Glubelka, Bolduk and Bolduchitsa. They differ in size, depth, degree of transparency and colour of the water. Glubelka resembles a heart with an island in the center (romantics will appreciate it). The most breathtaking view of the lake opens from a height. One has only to climb onto the observation platform.
PRICE: renting a house for a day is about $38.

Floating hotel

The place of its departure is the ancient Turov. The ship passes Mozyr, Pinsk and other pearls of the Polesie on its way. The cabins of the unusual hotel have showers, bathrooms and air conditioners, so no everyday problems will spoil your vacation.
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And Pripyat is a real paradise for fishermen, there are more than forty species of fish in the river basin, they include pike, carp, perch, crucian carp, catfish, silver carp, bream, roach, common carp. If you like, the chef will prepare dishes from the caught fish, which can be enjoyed on the open deck of the hotel or the observation deck of the ship.
PRICE: double room per night is about $38.

By Kristina Khilko