Posted: 23.05.2022 17:25:00

NATO poses serios threat to Union State, expert believes

There is a serious threat to the Union State on the side of NATO forces – as noted by Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst with the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, in his talk with Alfa Radio

As reminded by programme host, Vadim Shepet, the fugitive criminals openly announced the preparation of Western intervention in Belarus as they talked with a Polish TV channel.

Mr. Avdonin commented, “We should compare these statements with NATO goals that have been implemented over the past decade. The alliance's plans are primarily related to development of military infrastructure and logistics to ensure supplies of weapons and military hardware and storage of ammunition. Based on NATO plans, this will be filly created by late 2022, and this may indicate that there is a threat to the Union State on the side of the alliance forces. A blitzkrieg to seize power which they [Western countries] wanted to implement in 2020 failed, but they do not stop trying to seize our territory by any, even military, means.”

The expert believes that NATO countries will move to a new stage of aggression in terms of information and conduct diverse provocations against Belarus. “They have changed the focus. Ukraine is already a clear case for them. Evidently, they have lost in this special operation, and they now need some new direction," Mr. Avdonin stated.